Extreme File Transfer Speed and Security

BitSpeed provides accelerated, secure and real-time Extreme File Transfer (XFT) solutions for use on networks inside or between organizations, including cloud-based ingest and file transfer.

Customers who transfer heavy file data (large files and/or many files) in use cases such as media & entertainment, healthcare, energy, banking & financial services, IT & telecom and sectors, government and educational institutions can all benefit from BitSpeed.

BitSpeed solutions provide faster, more efficient, and more secure alternatives to current file transfer solutions, including HTTP, FTP, and solutions using UDP.

Network Services

As network experts, we also are asked frequently by customers to help with networking and security issues. We have a full-time staff dedicated to network services; please read more at www.bitspeed.net.


Easy to deploy and configure

BitSpeed solutions are available as physical and virtual appliances, allowing easy connection to existing networks and file systems by just plugging in a network cable or adding them in a virtual or cloud infrastructure. It only takes a few minutes of simple administrator configuration to get up and running.

BitSpeed solutions are available as physical and virtual appliances:

BitSpeed VMI SeriesVMWare BitSpeed Product Series

For VMware, AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure
3 versions for different bandwidth speeds: 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1000 Mbps

BitSpeed Boost Series

Small Appliance (4” x 4” x 2”, < 3 Lbs)
3 versions for different bandwidth speeds: 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1000 Mbps

BitSpeed Power Series

2u rackmount appliances
Speeds up to 10 Gbit


BitSpeed™ Concurrency – Point to Point Extreme File Transfer

Concurrency is BitSpeed’s software engine. It is a file transfer Acceleration and Security software middleware application that radically improves movement of large unstructured data (“Big Data”) over networks, significantly improving network (WAN, LAN) and SAN/NAS storage data and workflow transfer performance:

  • Optimizes bandwidth, allowing full use of connection
  • Runs at full speed up to 10 Gbit on a single appliance (up to 40 Gbit available)
  • Moves data 5-100 times faster than older file transport protocols such as FTP, rsync, scp
  • Is between 30-500% faster than UDP-based solutions depending on line speed
  • Provides auditable guaranteed verifiable delivery
  • Includes 9 encryption algorithms including AES-128 and -256 for comprehensive security at full line speeds – transfers run at full speed whether encrypted or not
  • “Watch folders” for user- or policy-based transfer/synchronization of files across specified folders
  • Work with any type of files; it is not application-dependent

Concurrent File Transfer: transfer growing files while the source file is still writing

Concurrency also provides Active File Replication (AFR). This means that as a file is being created and written to storage at the source, it is also being written to one or more other storage locations globally, completing the transfer(s) in parallel and saving time and bandwidth.

For example, if an application creates a 60 GB file in an hour, currently one would take

  • 1 hour to write the file
  • 4 hours to transfer it (depending on connection – 100 Mbit here)
  • Total time 5 hours

Concurrency’s AFR will reduce the total time to 1 hour plus a few seconds for the file to be duplicated anywhere in the world.


15% of all data loss occurs via hacking of network file transfers*. BitSpeed solutions stop this – cold.

BitSpeed offers you the highest level of security as a core feature of its file transfer engine. Encryption delivers a highly secure transfer, almost as if it never left your internal firewalls. The BitSpeed process can transfer your already-encrypted files as is, or encrypt them further to add another layer of security.

What’s more is, BitSpeed is the first file transfer solution to transfer at full line speed, regardless of whether we encrypt the data or not.

We are pleased to announce that our BitSpeed Boost appliance has passed penetration testing with a world-class university servicing the security community, being deemed “virtually impenetrable”.


* Source: Source: McAfee, Lemonfish, Cisco VNI 2016

Use Cases

Organizations of all types struggle with bottlenecks in large file data transfer, security of data in flight, and disaster recovery. With industry-leading data security features and transfer rates many times faster than standard transfer protocols, BitSpeed solves file transfer and recovery problems quickly and affordably. Our installations usually pay for themselves in just a few months. That’s an ROI any CFO would love! For organizations that are striving to manage bandwidth costs, network latency and congestion, content movement and management, and file transfer and restore demands, BitSpeed solutions may be the first, best solution to adopt. Typically, the best use for BitSpeed is for the following large data file user communities:

The key to speed is the ingest of files from field and studio production; the movement and distribution of workflow content on a LAN and over a WAN. Use highly portable BitSpeed Boosts in the field to dramatically reduce time and increase efficiency, as well as media file backup – store a copy of the data remotely for disaster recovery (files, database images, et al.). Movement of large files and workflow internationally is our specialty.

Speed up and secure movement of large files and repositories between data centers. Even more importantly, be able to restore faster than typical backup solutions.

Institutions are working hard to protect sensitive financial information. High-speed transmission and encryption of files is the most effective method for protecting sensitive data traveling over WANs. Plus, transmission lines are expensive, and BitSpeed solutions can double the efficiency of current leased lines.

Fast data transmission is a key element of seismic data acquisition. Having a fast and accurate transmission (no error rate) ensures that a seismic data acquisition station can send seismic data correctly. Turning around exploration data in hours instead of days is a huge cost savings.

There are dozens of use cases for accelerating and ensuring data for global organizations. These include: Accelerate delivery of databases and files sent by middleware (ETL, ERP); meet document archive requirements; enable faster secure transfer to and from corporate and public clouds; FTP files server consolidation; DR of large files, e.g. databases; File Synchronization for regional hubs; enablement of fast server image and VM movement.

Data transmission between government departments and agencies must be secure as well as fast. Concurrency’s file transfer solution provides the speed, data guarantee and security necessary to demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations including the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), GLBA, PCI and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).

Medical imaging storage and transmission needs are growing quickly, especially with the advent of higher quality 3D imaging. BitSpeed solutions ensure complete, secure file transfers for movement of  Medical X-ray, Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, Nuclear imaging, Radiation therapy, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and output from other medical imaging systems.

Ingest of files replace physical media (hard drives, tapes) with secure network-based WAN transmission to facilitate ongoing ingest of customer data. Restore of critical files will be 5-10 times faster.


About Us

BitSpeed was founded by veterans of the data storage and telecommunications industries.

Our long tenure in the data storage and telco industries gives us a deep knowledge of the issues facing data storage and transfer, and tremendous insight into the inefficiencies of current data transfer and WAN optimization solutions for the movement of large data files. Based in the Los Angeles, CA USA area, BitSpeed offers elegant, inexpensive and highly flexible software and appliance-based solutions. Our solutions allow existing systems to communicate seamlessly without expensive integration, and provides a very high level of security. This innovative approach usually leads to, not only improvements in data movement and security, but also substantial cost savings on both internal and external infrastructure (complex software, bandwidth).


Doug Davis – Founder, CEO

Doug is the founder of BitSpeed. He is currently active not only with BitSpeed, but as an advisor for several other technology startups.

Doug’s experience includes roles such as CEO/COO, VP Sales and Marketing, and various Business Development positions for private and public companies in technology.

Eric Shuss - Chief Operating Officer

Eric has great senior business management experience with a keen understanding of how technology can positively impact today’s business. Eric has been actively involved in running high-tech companies; he has owned and managed successful companies from start-up to on-going ventures including IT/ERP sales, consulting firms, high-tech manufacturers, retail operations and distributors.

Mark Rumer - Chief Technology Officer

Mark has garnered a reputation as one of the industry’s leading experts in packet subscriber communication technologies, including gigabit fiber-optic Ethernet, Internet Protocol, analog and packet telephony solutions. Mark co-founded Occam Networks, Inc. (a NASDAQ traded company acquired by Calix Networks, Inc.) and served as its Chief Technical Officer over the 11-year span of independent operation. Mark’s experience as a Systems Architect for Cisco Systems included pioneering the company’s Voice over IP technology. For that accomplishment, he and his team were recognized as a Cisco Pioneers of Technology for excellence in Packet Telephony Applications. In total, Rumer has authored or co-authored 11 United States Patents.

John Storer - Business Development, Advisor

Since 2002, John has been the Managing Director of JK Montana LLC., a business and corporate development consulting firm. Previously, John was a pre-IPO VP and growth stage BD executive generating/managing seven, eight and nine figure strategic revenue deals at Homestore, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOVE), the recognized leader in real estate information technology and RealNetworks (NASDAQ: RNWK) the pioneer in online audio/video distribution. John also held VP/AE positions with Comedy Central (opened the LA office) and Turner Broadcasting (LA and NY). Prior, he was in production on TV specials and series for ABC, NBC, CBS and Disney Channel.