BitSpeed was founded by veterans of the data storage and telecommunications industries. Our principals and staff bring over 200 combined years of experience in creating and selling data storage and protection systems. Collectively, we have worked for or helped to launch ten different ventures since 1985.

Our long tenure in the data storage and telco industries gives us a deep knowledge of the issues facing data storage and transfer, and tremendous insight into the inefficiencies of current data transfer and WAN optimization solutions for the movement of large data files.

Solving this transmission problem for large files offers a tremendous opportunity. This issue is a rapidly growing problem in an interconnected, global, cloud-based world and, is helpful to companies whose data are growing by leaps and bounds, and whose ability to move those files around securely, quickly and accurately has become a critical, and indispensable, business need.

BitSpeed now offers elegant, inexpensive and highly flexible software and appliance-based solutions. Our solutions allow existing systems to communicate seamlessly without expensive integration, and provides a very high level of security. This innovative approach usually leads to, not only improvements in data movement and security, but also substantial cost savings on both internal and external infrastructure (complex software, bandwidth).

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