BitSpeed™ was founded in 2008 by veterans of the data storage and telecommunications industries. Our principals and staff bring over 200 combined years of experience in creating and selling data storage and protection systems. Collectively, we have worked for or helped to launch ten different data storage ventures since 1985.

Our long tenure in the data storage and telco industries gives us a deep knowledge of the issues facing data storage and transfer, and tremendous insight into the inefficiencies of current WAN optimization solutions for the movement of large data files.

The co-founders of BitSpeed™ were the management team of a software company that created and deployed backup and DR (Disaster Recovery) systems in the world's most data-intensive environments stock exchanges, banks, medical centers, manufacturing facilities, etc. One of the industry's biggest problems (which still exists today) was the inability to move large amounts of data remotely between locations due to the problems of transmission latency, and bandwidth expense and reliability.

Years later a core group of us came back together and decided that solving this transmission problem for large files offered a tremendous opportunity. The issue of what we have come to call "Large File Logistics"¯ is a rapidly growing problem in an interconnected, global, cloud-based world and, if we succeeded, would be helpful to companies whose data are growing by leaps and bounds, and whose ability to move those files around securely, quickly and accurately has become a critical, and indispensable, business need.

This led us to build a solution that broke with convention to simplify rather than complicate the solution. Current systems are often up to the task of managing data internally. The challenge was simply to secure, fast and complete delivery of large data files between disparate systems, in separate geographies, and across a range of transmission channels.

Our depth of industry knowledge gave us the insight that cut this Gordian knot: Embed the translation, security and reconciliation of the data within our own optimization software and make it independent of the storage systems. By "focusing on the task at hand"¯ and not trying to be all things to all problems, we can offer an elegant, inexpensive and highly flexible solution. Velocity allows existing systems to communicate seamlessly without expensive integration, and provides a very high level of security that is unique in the industry in its impermeability because it is 100% contained within our software and specific to each transmission. This innovative approach usually leads to, not only improvements in data movement, but also substantial cost savings on both internal and external infrastructure (complex software, bandwidth).

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