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Point to Point Accelerated File Transfer


Velocity is a file transfer Acceleration, Data Integrity and Security software application that radically improves movement of large unstructured data ("Big Data"):

  • Optimizes bandwidth, including running at full speed on 10 Gbit or higher
  • Moves data 5-100 times faster than older file transport protocols such as FTP, rsync, scp and UDP-based solutions
  • Provides auditable guaranteed verifiable delivery
  • Includes security (encryption) at full line speeds
  • "Watch folders" for user- or policy-based transfer/synchronization of files across specified folders
Velocity is our performance engine that is significantly improving network (WAN, LAN) and SAN/NAS storage data and workflow transfer performance.

Start file transfers while the source file is
                    still writing


Concurrency adds Active File Replication (AFR) to the power of Velocity. This means that as a file is being created and written to storage at the source, it is also being written to one or more other storage locations globally, completing the transfer in parallel and saving time and bandwidth. For example, if an application creates a 60 GB file in an hour, currently one would take

  • 1 hour to write the file
  • 4 hours to transfer it (depending on connection - 100 Mbit here)
  • Total time 5 hours
Concurrency's AFR will reduce the total time to 1 hour plus a few seconds for the file to be duplicated anywhere in the world.