Software Solutions

Point to Point Accelerated File Transfer


Our lead software solution, Velocity is a file transfer Acceleration, Data Integrity and Security software application that radically improves movement of large unstructured data (“Big Data”) by rethinking the basic tenets of file packaging and transfer. Large File Data Logistics is a growing challenge for every network manager, and Velocity answers that challenge with innovations that significantly improve WAN, LAN and SAN/NAS storage transfer performance.

Start file transfers while the source file is
                    still writing


Our newest innovation, Concurrency adds Active File Replication and Chain Multi-Casting to the power of Velocity. This means that as a file is being created and written to storage at the source, it is also being written to a second storage location, completing the transfer in parallel saving time and bandwidth. Concurrency can also Chain Multicast files, allowing one file write to be “chained” in parallel to hundreds of other locations.

How will Velocity's innovations impact your data logistics?

  • Fast

  • Secure

  • Reliable

  • Modular

  • Runs parallel delivery streams to massively expand existing bandwidth utility. This saves you bandwidth leasing costs and defers expensive bandwidth expansions indefinitely.
  • Optimizes WAN and LAN bandwidth
  • The bigger the bandwidth, the better the acceleration
  • Very high performance, especially for high latencies
  • Optional encryption available to guarantee safety of data in-flight;
  • Fourteen available encryption algorithms.
  • Little or no system overhead optimized for fast transfer AES, DES, 3DES, CAST, GOST, LOKI97, saferplus, serpent, skipjack, twofish and xtea up to 10Gbps.
  • Our success metric is 100% delivery of your data every time.
  • Codes every packet using one of two available encryption algorithms for security.
  • Picks up interrupted transmissions at the break-down point. No restarts needed!
  • Runs MD5 Checksum for each packet sent and received, reconciling "on the go" to save time.
  • No post-delivery reconciliation necessary.
  • Available with GUI (graphical user), CLI (command line) or XML API interfaces

How will Velocity's innovations impact your data logistics?



  • Send files in two places at once: Move files to the destination at the same time as they are being written to the source storage ;Active File Replication; (or Real-Time Copy)
  • Uses the Velocity engine: to guarantee speed, data integrity and security
  • Send files to hundreds of places at once: Using Concurrency's Active File Replication, you can write from Server A to Server B, and kick off a simultaneous write from Server B to Server C, etc. as many times and destinations as needed Multi-Casting;